Inspired By Art


Featuring the photography of Kim Taylor Reece

As one of the Historic Hotels of America, the Grand Naniola Hotel is defined as a historic icon and a site of creative vision. It only makes sense that the hotel’s commitment to Hawaii’s cultural and artistic values should be represented through the photography of Hawaii’s Cultural Renaissance.

ktr-portraitAs Hawaii’s foremost fine art photographer, Kim Taylor Reece has been capturing and celebrating the beauty of hula kahiko in stills for more than 35 years. His award-winning photography helps to preserve the art of hula, educate future generations and excite imaginations. His signature sepia photography style is internationally recognized and has garnered him a collective of communication arts awards, print magazine awards and travel joruranlism and national community service awards. Reece continues to research and work with dancers hailing from more than 37 different Pacific Islands to perpetuate the art, culture and history of this ancient ritual.

You can learn more about Kim Taylor Reece on his website